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Caylee Augé | Head of Financial Fitness

Specialty: Business Building,Profit, Strategy and Sales

Claim to Fame: Owner of the Future of Your Salon & Salon Growth Strategist

Role within the Future of Your Salon:

● Profit Strategy Calls

● Overall Client Success

● Consistent Improvement of the Program

● Weekly Group Coaching Calls

● Customized Strategy for Every Salon

● Support in Slack Channel

● Sales


Lara Kozan | Head of Unshakeable Foundations

Specialty: Mindset and Vision Coach

Claim to Fame: Founder: YYoga, Nectar Juicery, The Art of The START

Role within your program journey:

● Monthly Mindset Call

● Daily Support in Slack

● Developing a strong Vision

● 1:1 Coaching Calls as needed


Kathryn Lim | Head of Client Success and Success Framework

Specialty: Salon Operations & Client Guide

Claim to Fame: Wings behind Hype Hair Studio, Future of Your Salon & Art of The START

Role within your program journey:

● Daily Support in Slack

● Tracking Progress

● 1:1 Coaching Calls as needed


Kirista Berry| Head of Publicity

Specialty: Marketing

Claim to Fame: Founder of Krowned Tech Marketing

Role within your program journey:

● Marketing support as needed

Your Salon Can Experience Successes like these:


Michael Gibson, Owner | General Manager of BRUSH Salon

Caylee Augé and her team have been a key part in transforming my business from one that was good, but not great, to one that truly thrives. They have guided us in restructuring both our pay scale and our policies and procedures, created a systematic plan for charging for products used during services, and mentored me as I transitioned from my role as a stylist to my new and refined position as General Manager of BRUSH. Beyond that, she has also helped me to better understand my finances, allowing me to make more informed decisions.

Now, thanks to Caylee's expertise and guidance, I can honestly say I love my business and what we've crafted together. I now have the luxury of time to concentrate on our team, aiding them in their learning, growth, and career navigation. Caylee isn't just a business coach - she brings her upbeat and can-do attitude to the process that makes it genuinely enjoyable. To be honest, I can't imagine navigating this journey without her! Here's to many more years, you aren't getting rid of me yet! 😂❤

Love you guys!


Marzena, Owner of Express Rüt Bar

In just 2 months, Marzena has achieved remarkable milestones:

● Crafted a captivating mission, vision, and core values.

● Revolutionized her salon's pay scale.

● Renamed and redefined all her services.

● Streamlined her pricing by creating a consistent way for her and her team to determine price points.

● Masterminded a comprehensive profit plan.

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Want to evaluate if the Future of your Salon is your next best step?

Book your Evaluation Call with one of our Coaches!

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